As a member of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Committee, and Chinese Cashmere Association (CAA), we always select fine and excellence wool and cashmere materials from Inner Mongolia.


Ordos fine wool is a new variety, which has been improved through the continuous mixture with Australian Merino fine wool. We choose 7-month lamb’s wool, whose features as thin, long and large bending of fabric. The quality is very well as good as Australian Merino fine wool nowadays.


Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer, and approximately twice more insulating than wool. Since the extremely limited output (only 2% of animals output in the world), cashmere has been called as “soft gold” for hundreds of years.


The main producing areas of ​​cashmere are in Asian plateaus, 70% of which are mainly produced in the Inner Mongolia Plateau, where we choose Arbas unique goats as raw materials. Cashmere from every 5 goats in a year can make only one product.

With generations cowork with farms in Inner Mongolia, we'd like to introduce high-qulity wool & cashmere products to the special YOU! 

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