Silk to Shine

Wide range of prodicts, from silk, wool to perious cashmere. Also you can find accessories.


Less is More

Priemer wool and cashmere products for men. Business or casual looks. 


Best for baby

Natural and extreme soft cashmers is a gift from heavn just like baby. Best for them coming soon. 


18k gold plated

Classic design, high-quality, durabl, easy to match with your daily life. 


Sliver 925

"Lagon" and classic design.

Ring and earrings.

How do I recognize wool, cashmere or artificial fabric?

An easy way to recognize is to burn some part of the fabric. If it becomes ash and can disappear after twisting, it is wool or cashmere, if it becomes small dots and can not disappear after twisting, it is artificial fabric.
Between cashmere and wool is the easiest way to distinguish between touching. Compare with wool cashmere feels softer, lighter and does not itch.


Can I return it if I do not like it and how?

We promise 30 days of open-shop, you can switch to another product or return it to get your money back.

Keep the condition of the product the same as you receive it and send back to us. Please note that we can not afford the delivery fee for the product unless it is a quality problem.

How should I maintain wool / cashmere products?

Recommend dry cleaning for wool and cashmere. But it is ok to wash them in a washing machine. Use the wool program with short wash, never more than 30 degrees. Do not spin the garment.

For stubborn stains, apply a little wool shampoo directly on site before washing.

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